Return product

Not satisfied with your purchase? You can return your order up to 14 days after receiving it. Follow the steps below to successfully return your order / product:
  1. Fill in the return form online in en e-mail het naar retour@worktrainer.nl (Deskbike is the subsidiary of Worktrainer)
  2. Print the completed form. Pack your return properly, preferably in the original packaging.
  3. Stick the form, with the return address clearly visible, on the package.
  4. Return your products to the return address within 14 days of your return notification. Important: Return costs are the responsibility of the buyer.
  5. As soon as the return shipment is back to us, we will check the product for any damage / missing parts / original packaging.
  6. If everything is in order, you will receive your purchase price back within 8 days, including any shipping costs for your order. If the return shipment is incomplete, shows signs of wear / damage and / or is no longer in the original packaging, you will receive a refund of up to 75% of the original purchase price. We will then contact you about the refund.


The warranty is 12 months.

Use at your own risk

The use of the desk bike and / or accessories thereof is entirely at your own risk. We are not liable for any form of damage, including physical or psychological, which may result from the use of the products. An instruction manual or instruction is supplied with the product. Follow the instructions to prevent health damage.

Medical device

The Deskbike’s aim is to train the physical body. However, the Deskbike is not covered by the Medical Devices Directive (class 1). In case of illness or disability, contact a doctor or physiotherapist to find a suitable medical device.

Environment / packaging

Deliver cardboard and polystyrene separately at the waste separation station of your municipality.


The Deskbike orders are sent to various countries via the social workplace of Ferm Werk. They are responsible for the daily packing, assembling and shipping. The enthusiastic employees at Ferm Werk are happy to work with your order.
More questions? Don’t hesitate to ask and contact us!

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