Electric Sit-Stand Desk – YDesk

Compact sit-stand desk with modern designed with an Y base. You can adjust this desk with the sloped leg and foot arbitrarely between 70 and 114,5 cm in a very high stability and low noise level.


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Unique sit-stand desk with memory function

Compact sit-stand desk with modern frame design ‘YDESK’. With the handy memorie display you go to the desired position with 1 push on a button. Silent electric height adjustment with 1 motor.

Stay Active, Work Happy!

Pros and cons

YDesk Properties

Electrically adjustable : 1 motor
Height : 70-115 cm
User length : 1.50-1.90 m
Operation : Memory Display
Frame colours : Black, Silver and White
Speed : 3,0 cm per second
Noise level : <43 dB
Leg thickness : 9 x 6 cm
Frame size : B 110-160 cm, D 68 cm
Distance to the wall in the highest position : 8.5 cm
Material frame : Steel
Max. load capacity frame : 80 kg
Weight frame : 25 kg
Warranty : 3 years
Lifting system : Katrolsystem
Certified : Electricity CE


Choose the desktop that suits you best

The desktop has a melamine top layer and is maintenance-friendly and very durable. With a little care, the desktop will look like new for years to come. A desktop comes directly from the factory, so you are assured of a competitive price and the usual 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Colours: ❶ White ❷ Light grey ❸ Black ❹ Havanna ❺ Light oak ❻ Natural oak ❼ Middle oak ❽ Brown oak
  • Thickness: 25 mm (Black 22 mm)
  • Edge: Neatly finished with ABS bumper

Hide cables nicely with a cable tray

If you take the desk to height, then it is obviously not so nice when you see cables hanging. Work your monitor and computer cables handy in the cable tray.

Colours: Silver, White and Black
Height: 11cm
Depth: 12cm
Width: 75, 145 cm

Do it yourself? We are happy to help you on your way

Assembling yourself is not very complicated. Get started with the instructional video, assembly manuals and additional information.

Y-Desk - Reviews

Rated 5.0 out of 5
18 February 2021

Prachtig product voor een zeer betaalbare prijs. Voorgeboorde gaten op het werkblad zou fijn zijn, maar installatie ging zonder moeite.

Rated 5.0 out of 5
9 February 2021

Dirk J.
Rated 5.0 out of 5
25 January 2021

Ik ben erg blij met mijn nieuwe sta-bureau. Gelukkig kon ik precies de maat bestellen die mij perfect past. Het in elkaar zetten was geen enkel probleem en in een mum von tijd stond het nieuwe bureau. Ik ben heel blij met de 4 memory opties, zo heb ik inmiddels 3 in gebruik (een voor zitten, een voor staan en een voor het lopen op mijn walker). Elektrisch verstellen gaat soepel, alleen een betje aandacht aan spullen die op het randje staan of in het kast naast mijn bureau staan: Als het bureau omhoog bewegt, schuift het blad iets naar voren. Mijn bureau is in elke staand super stabiel.


An active working day? Stand behind your desk

Standing at your desk? With an electric sit-stand desk you can easily switch between sitting and standing. A lot better for your body and your productivity. Alternate between standing and sitting every half hour. Do you have a exercise tool such as the Deskbike desk bike or a balance board? Then your dynamic workplace is completely complete.

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